Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Some Restaurants Don't Care About Babies

There's a new restaurant that opened on Main Street in Barre.  The building seems unable to hold a restaurant for any length of time--since I moved into this area in 2007, it's been a Chinese Buffet, then a breakfast buffet (charmingly called the Maple Leaf Pancake House).  Now it's the Granite City Restaurant, a Steak/Seafood/Pasta place.  The buffet tables have been re purposed as a salad bar, but they left the Chinese symbol carpets intact.  Super classy. 

My husband, sister-in-law, the smallman and I were out thrift-store-shopping yesterday, when we all decided that we were hungry and could do with some lunch (the smallman prompted that decision by needing a diaper change and a nursing session).  We decided, against my better judgment, that we'd try out the new place. I figured it didn't really matter where we went, as long as there were changing tables and a place for me to sit and nurse.  Every place has got one of those fold-down diaper changing things, right?


There are two ladies' bathrooms in the place, and neither one had a diaper changing table.  When I said something to the waitress, she wrinkled up her face in mock sympathy and said something to the effect of "Oh, nooooo!"  Like that helps.  Thanks a lot.

There was a couch in the entryway, which is where I changed Carlin.  I really appreciated changing my baby in front of everyone who came in and in the cold draft.  Thanks, restaurant.  Thanks a lot. 

Add that inconvenience to the fact that the food was firmly in the mediocre category, and we have made our first and last trip to that restaurant. 

Why don't restaurants consider babies to be their patrons, too?  If parents are happy, they'll come back again and order more food.  Or maybe that's just not part of their business model?  Maybe the restaurants that don't want to deal with children can just put up a sign that says something to the effect of "We hate you and your screaming offspring.  Go elsewhere if you have procreated."  

Thursday, January 27, 2011


The great Jacques diaper debacle!  You'd think that the stuff coming out of my son's behind was valuable or something, given the amount of time that my husband and I spent talking about what to put around his bits!  But I think I've figured the problem out.

When I was pregnant, I was totally and fully pro-cloth.  (Keep in mind that I hadn't used a cloth diaper on a baby since my babysitting days, and I'm pretty sure I didn't do it right).  I registered for the Kushies all-in-ones and the gDiapers, since they were so cute.  I got one pair of gPants and no cloth diapers for my shower.  I got a few cloth diapers from our local thrift store, and also later got some pre-folds.  I was planning on getting a cloth trial set (12 different types of cloth diapers) from once I had delivered.  

However, my mom and my husband colluded against me, saying that I didn't need to do any more laundry than necessary--here, have a package of Pampers!  My mom, all on her own (although fully encouraged by my husband) kept us in disposables from size preemies until my son reached 12 pounds.  I was appreciative, as I knew they were expensive....but the expense was one reason why I kept feeling the need to transition to cloth.  I didn't want to throw that amount of money into our Diaper Champ every day.  (Disclaimer:  I do buy a package of Attitude disposable diapers for when Carlin goes to daycare.  Since he goes only two days a week, it's not that expensive, and I'm grateful enough to our daycare lady that I'm willing to make her work easier).  

I finally bought a Sweet Bundle of gDiapers, along with some biodegradable refills.  I liked the idea that the refills would break down and thus were a bit more eco-friendly than something that would take 500 years to degrade in a landfill.  However, I was still caught in the needing-to-buy-diapers trap.

So a couple of weeks ago, I bought my first set of gCloth.  At about $29 for six cloth inserts, they're pretty pricey.  But I was impressed with how soft and absorbent they were (even though they tended to bunch up where they were soaked).  

But I had my a-HA! moment a few days ago.  I had a bunch of prefolds that I was using for burp cloths--why not fold one up and see if it would work okay inside the gDiaper?  I tried it, and the Smallman, always willing to oblige, promptly took a huge dump.  But you know what?  The prefolds worked just as well as the fancy gCloths.  I was instantly converted.

The prefolds are about half the price of the gCloth, and they work just as well.  My husband doesn't mind changing the gDiapers as much as he thought he would; the Smallman is comfortable; we're saving a bunch of money; the world isn't going to have the Smallman's poopy diapers in it's landfill for the next 500 years; and despite all predictions, the amount of laundry isn't too terrible. 

See?  Sometimes people need to listen to the pregnant lady. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello, There. I'm a Mom! Dontcha Wanna Read About Me?

Hiya!  My husband and I welcomed our son into the world in August of this year.  We call him the Smallman, because he was so tiny when he was born!  (He was born at 35 weeks, and was 5 lbs, 5 oz).  His actual name is Carlin, after George Carlin.  Also, he's our first baby!  So, everything that he does is really quite cute or downright baffling to us.  Sometimes it's both.  

So, here's another Mommy blog! 

In the hopes that you will become a loyal reader, I promise the following:

  1. This will not be an "I'm such a perfect supermom" blog.   
  2. Occasionally I will write about things other than my son.  Very occasionally.  
  3. I promise to be as entertaining as my sleep-deprived brain can possibly handle.  
  4. I will try my hardest not to get up on too many soapboxes.  
Okay, I admit it.  You'll have to want to hear stories about a Mom, a Dad, and their baby to enjoy this blog!  And I'll get this out of the way now:  POOP. Poop, poop, poop.  You'll hear LOTS about poop.  You'll also read about things that, if you're not a parent or parent-to-be, you will honestly have NO DESIRE to even care about.  Such as:  gDiapers, rattle preferences, breastfeeding, pumping, bottles, which clothing brands are awesome, how stupid car seats make me feel, baby socks, pacifiers, Bjorn carriers, and sleep routines.

So, more about poop.....

Little known fact:  some breastfed babies can go for a week without pooping, and that's okay, as long as they pee plenty.  (I asked my pediatrician, and the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding backed her up).  A caveat:  if a baby waits to poop for that long, you will not like the results. 

DAY ONE:  Tra la la, no poopie diapers today!  I'm such a lucky mommy. 

DAY TWO:  Oh, how nice!  No poops today, either. 

DAY THREE:  Still no poops.  (Consults breastfeeding book and pediatrician).  Guess it's okay, though, because he's peeing like a fire hose. 

DAY FOUR:  Why haven't you pooped yet?  I'm a horrible mother!  (Deep breath).  It's okay, he's still making wet diapers.  I am not killing my child, I am not killing my child....

DAY FIVE:  Me:  "Honey, the pediatrician said that it's okay that he hasn't pooped yet, right?"
                     Husband:  "Do you have to ask that question during dinner?"

DAY SIX:  Google Search:  What if my child never poops again? 

DAY SEVEN:  "I think I smell a poopie diaper!  Let's go change you!" Up the stairs to the nursery...... "Are you serious?!"  The diaper was filled:  front to back, side to side.  The poop was the color of fresh pumpkin puree (I am NOT making a pumpkin pie this year.  Not).  And, lemme tell you:  although the Womanly Art of Breastfeeding will lead you to believe that breastmilk smells "fine going in and coming out" of the baby, to that I say,


It does not smell fine.  Although I'm sure that formula poop smells worse (especially if they were unfortunate enough to get some beetle parts) this smelled......thick.  And peppery.  And vinegary.  And gross.

So, I thought that I was happy on Tuesday when he pooped, a full 4 days ahead of schedule.... it was still huge.  And then he did it AGAIN, 15 minutes later!  This kid is full of poop. 

I think he takes after his father.  (Love you, honey).

I Want to Smack my Pregnant Self

I remember complaining about a lack of sleep while I was pregnant.  Seriously, what was my problem?  I want to go back in time and smack my pregnant self.  Sure, I got up once an hour to pee...but that's all I had to do.  Stumble to the bathroom and pee and go back to sleep.  Didn't I realize that it would only get WORSE?   

Our CLZ Smallman

Our CLZ Smallman